Optical Flow Sensors

The Optical Flow Sensor (OFS) is easier, more accurate, and cost effective than current competition such as Ultrasonic Flow Meters or Pito Tube Arrays. The OFS uses EPA approved technology and consists of a control panel teamed with an optical transmitter and optical receiver which are easily installed directly across from each other on Smokestacks, Ducts, Vents or other application where you require gas and air flow metering.


Technique Optical Scintillation
Range 0.03 to 100 m/sec Bi-Directional
Accuracy +/-0.01 m/sec
Stack/Duct dia.  1 to 10 meters
Temperature Limits (- 40 Deg C to 60 Deg F)
Temp of Application (1200 + Deg F) or No Effect
Pressure    No Effect
Transparency  Up to 95% Opacity