Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Our Butterfly Valves can be provide in Lugged or Wafer Ductile Iron Body from 2” to 24” and SS or Teflon Disc. Our Seats range from EPDM, Buna N right through to Teflon.

High Performance Butterfly Valves

The HP Butterfly Valve is available from 2” to 36” from ANSI 150 to 300 and available in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel with a Metal Seat and Soft Seat Designs.

AWWA Butterfly Valves

The AWWA Butterfly Valve meets C-504 specification and ranges from 2” to 72”.


Actuation of our Butterfly Valves can range from a simple Lever, Gear Operator w/ Handwheel, Chain Wheel or Double Pneumatic or Pneumatic w/ Spring Return (Fail Open / Closed Position) to Electric or Hydraulic.


Instrumentation Packages are available upon request and can be incorporated prior to arriving on site for your ease of installation from Limit Switches to Positioners and Controls we can incorporate what you need to get the job done.